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24 December: Richard Dawkins, biologist

23 December: Dara O'Briain, comedian

22 December: Philip Jeays, singer

21 December: Tim Minchin, comedian

20 December: Josie Long, comedian

19 December: Ann Druyan, science writer

18 December: Mark Steel, comedian

17 December: Marcus Brigstocke, comedian

16 December: Laurie Taylor, broadcaster

15 December: Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant

14 December: Eddie Izzard, comedian

13 December: Andrew Collins, broadcaster

12 December: Ben Miller, actor

11 December: Chris Addison, actor

10 December: Martin Rowson, cartoonist

9 December: Ben Goldacre, doctor

8 December: Simon Singh, science writer

7 December: Natalie Haynes, comedian

6 December: Dave Gorman, comedian

5 December: Alexei Sayle, writer

4 December: Christina Martin, comedian

3 December: Robin Ince, comedian

2 December: PZ Myers, biologist and blogger

1 December: Stephen Fry, writer and actor