Pope on balconyHave you ever laid in bed at night wondering how you'd run the Catholic Church? Or do you have genuine ambitions of taking over in Vatican City? If so, you ought to try Which Pope Am I?, our all-new Papal personality test devised by Christina Martin, comedian, writer and creator of our hugely popular God Trumps cards. Now you can find out whether you're destined to reign with an iron fist, split the Church in two, save the world, or go down in history as just plain weird.

  1. What is your typical daily routine?

  2. How would you describe yourself? Or how would others describe you?

  3. What has been the highlight of your career?

  4. Said or decreed anything questionable lately?

  5. Have you made any mistakes during your reign?

  6. Where do you stand on matters of a sexual nature?

  7. What’s your attitude towards Islam?

  8. What will you say to Jesus when you meet Him in Heaven?

  9. What’s your motto?

  10. And finally, an important one this – what is your favourite ice cream flavour?