Martin Rowson's illustrations for What Kind of Humanist Are You?Using our simple 14-question quiz you can find out where you fit on the humanist spectrum - just choose one option for each, then click submit. A quick metaphysical caluculation from our computers in the blasphemy lab will then tell you if you're happy, hedonist, hounded or hardline. Illustrations by Martin Rowson.

  1. During your summer holiday you visit a fine example of a medieval cathedral. Your reaction is:

  2. What is your attitude to the government’s recent decision to ban Dutch MP Geert Wilders from entering the UK?

  3. Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips recently denounced “the absurd and destructive ideas which surfaced in the ’60s [which] progressively destroyed the education system and the nuclear family.” What is your reaction?

  4. Which of the following statements best defines your philosophy?

  5. Your partner of 25 years announces that he/she has returned to his/her faith and will now be going to Mass every Sunday. You:

  6. When you die, what will happen to your body?

  7. Following the French government’s banning of all religious symbolic dress in schools, Nicholas Sarkozy has now announced he’s planning to ban Muslim women from wearing the full veil in public. Do you agree?

  8. Which of these comes closest to your ideal summer holiday?

  9. Your local art gallery is showing an exhibition of satirical representations of religion, one of which depicts the prophet Muhammad. Local Muslims demand its removal, threatening to destroy it. How would you respond?

  10. When you dream of the perfect garden, which of these styles most appeals to you?

  11. You are dismayed to discover that your child is going to be in the nativity play and, even worse, you have to make the costume. You:

  12. Your partner, who is Jewish, wishes to have your baby boy circumcised. You:

  13. You get into a pub argument with someone who rabidly opposes animal-human embryo research, claiming it’s not natural and tramples on human dignity. You:

  14. The Rev Michael Reiss, former director of education at the Royal Society, had to resign after he proposed that creationism should be taught in science lessons. Should he have been forced out?