Vatican bank publishes accounts for the first time in history

In the latest attempt of Pope Francis to increase Vatican's accountability, the Bank revealed that its earnings for 2012 were €86.6m (£72.3m) - more than four times higher than in 2011. (Telegraph)

Russian authorities charge 2 activists with piracy

A Brazilian crew member and a British videographer face up to 15 years in prison over a protest against Arctic oil drilling at a platform owned by state-controlled energy company Gazprom, Greenpeace says. 28 activists are still waiting charges in custody. (Reuters)

Fresh violence in Rakhine state as Burma leader visits

President Thein Sein visits Rakhine state amid a a new outbreak of violence between Buddhists and Muslims. (BBC)

"Climate refugee" fighting to stay in New Zealand

A man from Kiribati, one of the lowest-lying nations on Earth, is trying to convince New Zealand judges that he's a refugee suffering not from persecution, but from climate change. (New Zealand Herald)

New Fossils Push the Origin of Flowering Plants Back by 100 Million Years

240-million-year-old pollen grains foound in Switzerland are evidence that flowering plants evolved 100 million years earlier than previously thought, according to a new study. (Science Daily)