fiona sampson
Fiona Sampson. Photo credit: Ekaterina Voskresenskaya

New Humanist magazine presents

But is it useful? Poetry in a Changing World
A lecture by Professor Fiona Sampson

Wednesday 15 June
Clementi House, 128 Kensington Church Street, London
Tickets: £5, click here to book

Is poetry ever useful? Has it become irrelevant as the world has changed? Contemporary poetry seems to be a subject of great anxiety, at least among journalists. This lecture addresses its critics as well as its admirers, and argues that poetry is an important way of exploring and communicating human experience.

Professor Fiona Sampson draws on experiences in health and social care and the prison system, as well on recent political and cultural history and ideas, to makes a practical case for this practice that is - still - not quite like anything else.

Fiona Sampson, New Humanist’s poetry editor, has been published in 37 languages. Her 27 books have received a number of national and international awards. Now Professor of Poetry at the University of Roehampton, she spent more than a decade working in the earliest writing in healthcare projects in Britain, and published several studies in that field. Her latest collection is The Catch, published in February by Penguin Random House.

This event is hosted in collaboration with the Anglo-Russian Culture Club