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At a time of rising fundamentalisms, New Humanist is a beacon of clear thought. Through our quarterly print magazine, and our website, Twitter and Facebook pages, we speak for a global community of readers who stand for reason, secularism and free inquiry. When we were founded in London, in 1885, it was dangerous to criticise Christianity, or even say you were an atheist. Today, people in some parts of the world still face these dangers, while elsewhere fears about "alien" cultures abound. New Humanist is the antidote: independent, non-profit journalism on culture, politics and science, with contributions from leading authors, philosophers and cultural critics. Find out more about the magazine and subscribe.

In November 2013, the magazine relaunched under its new editor Daniel Trilling. Read his Editor's Note.

We're published by the Rationalist Association, a registered charity promoting rational inquiry and debate based on evidence rather than belief. As part of our charitable work, we distribute free copies of New Humanist to prisons, schools and universities.

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Daniel Trilling


Daniel Trilling

Daniel Trilling has been editor of New Humanist since September 2013. Before that, he was assistant editor at the New Statesman, writing on politics and the arts. He has reported from such diverse locations as Jamaica, St Petersburg and Stoke-on-Trent and is author of the book Bloody Nasty People: the Rise of Britain's Far Right (Verso). His current research interests include refugees, religion and free speech, political extremism and conspiracy theories.

Samira Schackle

Assistant Editor

Samira Shackle

Samira Shackle is assistant editor of the New Humanist. She recently spent a year (2012-13) reporting freelance from Pakistan, writing about violent extremism, politics, religious minorities, and gender. Before that, she was a staff writer at the New Statesman, covering UK and foreign politics and "funny" (not funny) political stories for print and online. Her current interests include human rights, extremism/terrorism at home and abroad, South Asia (particularly Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan), and ethnic minority communities in the UK.

Commissioning Editor

Laurie Taylor

Associate Editor

Sally Feldman

Contributing Editors

Alice Bell, Kenan Malik, Suzanne Moore, Nina Power, Alom Shaha


Fatema Ahmed, Mark Fisher, Jonathan Rée, Fiona Sampson

Art Direction

Anja Wohlstrom


Laurie Taylor is President of the Rationalist Association. Read about our President and trustees.

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