Professor Stephen Hawking supports assisted suicide

"I think those who have a terminal illness and are in great pain should have the right to choose to end their own life and those that help them should be free from prosecution," Prof Hawking says. (Telegraph)

Habitable conditions on Earth will be possible for at least another 1.75 billion years

A study reveals the habitable lifetime of planet Earth. If we need to move to another planet, Mars is the best bet, astrobiologists say. (Science Daily)

Archbishop of Westminster: state support to religious schools a precious right

Parents have a right to expect the state to support the education of their children in "the faith and way of life which is precious to them," the Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols says. (Telegraph)

David Attenborough warns about overpopulation

The broadcaster believes "things are going to get worse" for our planet and that people should be persuaded not to have large families. (Independent)

Evangelicals largely believe prayer can cure mental illness

Nearly half of American Evangelicals believe that mental illness is best cured with Bible study and prayer instead of medical intervention, a new study finds. (Guardian)