13th century volcano mystery solved?

Scientists suggest that the Samalas volcano on Indonesia's Lombok Island to be the previously unidentified source of the largest volcanic eruption in the last 3,700 years, which occurred nearly 800 years ago. The eruption may also have created a "Pompeii of the Far East," which could lie buried and waiting for discovery. (National Geographic)

US government goes into partial shut-down

The US Congress has failed to agree a budget and a federal government shut-down has begun. More than 800,000 federal employees face unpaid leave during the first partial shut-down in 17 years. (BBC)

Turkey unveils liberalising reforms

Turkey's PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced significant political reforms, including new Kurdish rights and a reversal of the headscarf ban. Critics say changes are insufficient. (BBC)

Cancer campaigners call for 10 gaps in research to be tackled

More than 100 doctors and scientists have compiled a list of ten critical gaps in breast cancer research. The gaps range from identifying lifestyle changes to the need for new treatments. (Guardian)

A significant number of American Jews non-religious

Survey of American Jews finds a significant rise in those who are not religious, marry outside the faith and are not raising their children Jewish. (New York Times)