Saudi clerics protest against women’s right to drive

Around 150 clerics and religious scholars held a rare protest outside the Saudi king’s palace on Tuesday against fresh efforts by women seeking the right to drive. Some of the senior religious leaders who protested said the United States was behind a campaign calling for women to drive on Oct. 26 that claims to have garnered 16,000 signatures. (Washington Post)

Putin says foreign foes use radical Islam to weaken Russia

President Vladimir Putin accused foreign rivals on Tuesday of using radical Islam to weaken Russia and appealed to Muslim clerics to help reduce tensions after a deadly suicide bombing and nationalist riots. (Reuters)

Brunei to bring in tough new sharia law

Brunei plans to implement a tough new sharia criminal code next year that could see citizens stoned for adultery or having a limb amputated for theft. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah – who is thought to be worth about $20bn (£12.3bn) and exercises tight control over the Muslim-majority country – described the legislation as "part of the great history of our nation" and a form of "special guidance" from God. (Guardian)

Greece cuts state funds for Golden Dawn

The Greek parliament has voted overwhelmingly to suspend state funding for the far-right Golden Dawn party. The new law allows an indefinite funding freeze for parties whose leadership is charged with involvement in a criminal group or terrorism. (BBC)

400 new Amazon species found in the past 4 years

A purring monkey, a vegetarian piranha and a flame-patterned lizard are among more than 400 new species of animals and plants that have been discovered in the past four years in the Amazon rainforest, conservationists say. (Guardian)