Winter 2015 cover illustration.

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Highlights include:

Cover story – Ghost in the shell: Will Wiles investigates the rise of robot technology that is becoming increasingly difficult to tell apart from human life.

"The advent of genuine androids or replicants has the potential to spark an existential crisis for us humans. This crisis could have far-reaching consequences for how we treat each other and view ourselves – consequences that reach back to questions we have asked about human relations since the Enlightenment."


  • Lyndsey Stonebridge, professor of modern literature and history at the University of East Anglia, explores the disturbing historical roots of the refugee crisis at Europe's borders
  • Mary Beard talks to New Humanist about belief and belonging in Ancient Rome
  • Roman Krznaric, a faculty member at London's School of Life, makes the case for empathy as a driving force of social progress
  • Dawn Foster compares two books on capitalism and technology by Matt Ridley and Paul Mason
  • Richard Scorer, a lawyer and author on religion, separates fact from fiction on sharia law in the UK
  • Tosin Thompson asks leading scientists what will happen to the Earth when the Sun finally goes out
  • Daniel Sitole reports from Kenya, where a self-proclaimed "immortal" cult leader has met an all-too mortal end
  • Burhan Wazir reveals how Gandhi's philosophy, now an inspiration to millions, was formed by his reaction to British imperialism
  • Sally Feldman pays tribute to the role of makeup in cultures throughout the ages.
  • Jonathan Rée challenges the idea that religions are either "pure" or monolithic, by examining early Christianity
  • Mark Fisher argues that reality TV has made viewers complicit in its cruelty
  • Lola Okolosie reviews a new exhibition of black British art, and reflects on race and power in the 21st century
  • New poems; columns from Michael Rosen, Laurie Taylor, Marcus Chown, and Samira Shackle; cartoons by Martin Rowson and Grizelda; book reviews; cryptic crossword; and Chris Maslanka's quiz.

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