What now? Our writers on climate change

Living with the consequences

Climate change is already here: we must stop debating deniers and start making tough decisions about what we will save, says Will McCallum.

“Collectively, we have some difficult decisions to make about what we choose to save and what we should accept we are going to lose. We need to reflect on what the changed world we are facing is going to look like.”

Defenders of the Earth

Environmental activists used to enjoy greater freedom than most­, says Sam Geall - but now they are under attack, from Modi’s India to Trump’s America.

"The green movement's strengths have always been in its grassroots nature: how it empowers communities looking to understand their environments. From there they can engage in democratic politics at different levels."

The final story

Why is our popular culture so obsessed with the end of the world? Cal Flyn on the apocalypse in film and literature.

“As politicians dither, the creators of films and television shows have been grappling with how best to depict environmental Armageddon.”

The wilderness in us

We have always been shaped by the natural landscape, just as it has been shaped by our history, writes Fiona Sampson.

Like cats and dogs

Domesticated animals have been part of human society for tens of thousands of years. Jonathan Rée explores the ethics of the relationship between humans and animals.

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