A coral reef destroyed by coral bleaching in the Indian Ocean
A coral reef destroyed by coral bleaching in the Indian Ocean, from Will McCallum's spring 2018 piece

What ancient DNA says about us

David Reich’s pioneering study of ancient DNA is set to revolutionise our ideas about human migration and identity, writes Peter Forbes.

Are human rights enough?

We tend to treat protecting the individual as distinct from ensuring collective welfare. Samuel Moyn argues that it’s vital we find a way to do both.

Living with the consequences

Climate change is already here, writes Will McCallum: we must stop debating deniers and start making tough decisions about what we will save.

What the experiences of young migrants tell us about Britain today

Les Back and Shamser Sinha on their 10-year project documenting the lives of young migrants to the UK, which exposes the divisions of our globalised age.

Bringing God to the ballot box

Ahead of the Brazilian election that ultimately put Jair Bolsonaro in power, Lucinda Elliott reported how, amidst a drastic recession, the political influence of evangelical churches in Brazil is growing at an alarming rate.

The other opioid crisis

While all the attention is on western drug misuse, 80 per cent of the world’s population goes without sufficient pain relief treatment. Niki-Seth Smith explores.

Is there a way back from sectarianism in Iraq?

Dictatorship, invasion and war have placed Iraq’s religious and atheist minorities under mortal threat. Samira Shackle reports.

Stellar prophesies: the power of prediction

Urbain Le Verrier’s discovery of Neptune revealed the true magic of science, says Marcus Chown: an ability to predict things never before suspected.

Have postmodernist thinkers deconstructed truth?

Bruno Latour once sparked fury by questioning the way scientific facts are produced. Now, as Peter Salmon explains, he worries we’ve gone too far.

What happened after Russia decriminalised domestic abuse

Despite a chronic domestic violence problem, a new law has made punishing abusers even harder. Where does Russia go from here? Madeline Roache reports.

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