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  • Book review: My Blue Peninsula by Maureen Freely

    Set in Istanbul, this epic family history was inspired by campaigns for justice for the Armenian people

  • Review: Carmageddon

    Daniel Knowles describes how cars came to dominate our lives

  • Alien civilisations

    The Chinese science fiction epic "3 Body Problem" hits our screens amid geopolitical rivalry and intrigue

  • How the cuppa changed the world

    A visit to the “茶, चाय, Tea” exhibition at the Horniman Museum and Gardens will ensure you'll never look at the humble cuppa the same way again

  • Book review: Rural

    Part memoir, part history, "Rural" explores a neglected side of working-class life in Britain

  • Book review: My Hijacking

    Martha Hodes' story of the 1970 hijackings by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is also a study on memory

  • Book review: The God Desire

    David Baddiel's account of his personal journey away from faith is witty and thought-provoking

  • Book review: The Prince and the Plunder

    A fascinating, haunting book on the young boy who was "stolen" by the British, along with Ethiopia's treasures

  • The surprising history of British drag

    Jacob Bloomfield's new book, "Drag: A British History", is an excellent introduction to the complexities of drag as “a queer art form”

  • In a word: Ivory tower

    Suella Braverman is the latest politician to weaponise the term "ivory tower", but the idea has been around at least since the seventeenth century

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