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  • Why Northern Ireland's schools are still segregated

    Can the Integrated Education Act help to break the segregation of Catholic and Protestant education in Northern Ireland?

  • Andrew Tate goes east

    The misogynistic "influencer" gained a mass following in the west. Now, his conversion to Islam is helping him go global

  • Scroll down for spiritual enlightenment

    Belief in Shamanism is on the rise in the west, promoted by social media influencers. But is this mash-up of practices even a real tradition?

  • Book review: Britain's Jews

    A new book - "Britain’s Jews: Confidence, Maturity, Anxiety" by Harry Freedman - attempts to paint a picture of what it is like to be Jewish in the UK

  • Tracking the anti-abortion backlash

    Support for abortion clinic buffer zones in the UK has antagonised protesters. We must prepare for the backlash to intensify.

  • A succession of popes

    The Vatican is now free of Pope Benedict XVI, but it may be too late for Pope Francis to achieve the reform he claimed to desire.

  • Keeping the faith?

    Can King Charles III be a figurehead for the British people, while being entangled by law with a religious institution alien to most of us?

  • Identity crisis in Northern Ireland?

    The future of Northern Ireland is likely to rest with a new generation who defy easy categorisation – in terms of politics as well as religious beliefs.

  • Untying the knot

    While England and Wales celebrate a huge leap forward in our marriage law, the United States faces the threat of slipping backwards.

  • Flying spaghetti monsters

    Are Pastafarians undogmatic believers, or unbelievers who will go to extreme lengths to protest against religious exceptionalism?

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