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Season Three is now available to stream, exploring issues of motherhood and choice, black resistance and racist policing, and taking listeners inside the weird and wonderful world of quantum mechanics and behind the scenes of the new Space Race. We also learn why our minds need the wild, and what our ancient ancestors can tell us about who we are today.

Season Two tackles care and mortality, consent and desire, activism and faith, the polarisation of our public sphere, and humanity's relationship to the cosmos.

Season One explores issues of faith and fraternity, intimacy and technology, charity and virtue, black feminism and sensuous knowledge, race and belonging, and work and desire in late capitalism.

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Inside the new Space Race w/Nick Schmidle

As the private sector promises to make us all "astronauts", we talk to author Nick Schmidle about wealth, machoism and the people working behind the scenes of the new Space Race.

Learning from our ancestors w/ Alice Roberts

What can we learn from the burial sites of the earliest Britons? Alice Roberts discusses her new book "Ancestors" and tells us how she came to be a humanist.

How to fix the internet w/ Chris Bail

The head of the Polarization Lab gives us his cutting-edge insights on how to tackle tribalism online – and they're not what you might think.

Writing and Recovery, w/ Michael Rosen

The poet and broadcaster reflects on the value of life and the "many different kinds of love" he experienced after Covid-19 and a brush with death.

The Cosmos & Us w/ Jo Marchant

We're taken on a dazzling journey through the history of science, mythology and our relationship with the night sky.

Activism & Belief w/ Rosemary Hancock

How does religion relate to social movements in the modern world? We talk to sociologist Rosie Hancock about the complex intersection between faith and activism.

Sensuous knowledge and black feminism, w/ Minna Salami

In this fourth episode of With Reason, we talk to Minna Salami about her bold new book "Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Approach for Everyone" and its radical call to embrace a deeper way of knowing. 
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About the podcast

Intelligent thinking for turbulent times, from New Humanist magazine and the Rationalist Association. Interviews with thinkers who speak to our age – on subjects including religion, race, politics, sex, tech, work and much more. Hosted by Samira Shackle, Niki Seth-Smith and series producer Alice Bloch.

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