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Choosing to leave the religion you have grown up in, the faith of your family and friends, can be lonely and painful. In our new series people from a variety of different faith backgrounds who have gone through this experience tell their stories.

  • My Apostasy Story: Clair

    As part of our Apostasy Project ex-pastor Clair explains how she went from speaking in tongues to free-wheeling round Europe on a mission of discovery

  • Why I am not Hindu

    Some people use their religious heritage as a badge of identity - but not me, writes Hari Sri.

  • My Apostasy Story: Matthew Duff

    For many years, Matthew Duff was a happy and faithful member of the Mormon Church. But his love of debate and ideas led him down a path to doubt and eventual non-belief

  • My Apostasy Story: Zafar Choudhary

    As part of our series of stories from those who have left religion, Zafar Choudhary describes how he found leaving religion fairly easy but it was less easy to leave behind the positive aspects of Muslim culture

  • Helping people break free from faith

    Caspar Melville on what the Apostasy Project can do, and what it can't

  • Let him who desires disbelieve

    The Qur'an states clearly that there should be no compulsion in religion, which is why as a Muslim I support the Apostasy Project, says Abdul-Azim Ahmed

  • My Apostasy Story: Jonny Scaramanga

    As part of our Apostasy Project series Jonny Scaramanga, brought up a Christian fundamentalist, explains how he left the church

  • My Apostasy Story: John Sargeant

    As part of our Apostasy Project series John Sargeant on how the isolation of a childhood in the Jehovah's Witnesses gave way to the joys and struggles of thinking for himself

  • My Apostasy Story: Clive Aruede

    As part of our Apostasy Project series Nigerian Londoner Clive Aruede explains how an awareness of the wonders of the natural universe led him into atheism

  • Jesus was an apostate

    The Reverend Brendan Johnson believes in God but not dogma. Which is why he supports our Apostasy Project

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