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Choosing to leave the religion you have grown up in, the faith of your family and friends, can be lonely and painful. In our new series people from a variety of different faith backgrounds who have gone through this experience tell their stories.

  • My Apostasy Story: Paul Beaumont

    As part of our Apostasy Project series Paul Beaumont explains the painful transition from active evangelical to proud atheist

  • My Apostasy Story: Rory Fenton

    As part of our Apostasy Project series former Catholic Rory Fenton on how he struggled free from the faith

  • Thanks Salman

    Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses cracked the skin of Tauriq Moosa's faith. And he's eternally grateful for that.

  • The importance of being ex-Muslim

    We feel that by leaving Islam we have achieved a victory for freedom and overcome theocratic tyranny, and we'd like to help others do the same. We have an important story to tell. Which is why we are proud to call ourselves ex-Muslims

  • My Apostasy Story: Anonymous

    As part of our Apostasy Project series we talk to an ex-Muslim who is unable to reveal her identity for fear of the impact on her family

  • My Apostasy Story: Lola Tinubu

    As part of the Apostasy Project series Lola Tinubu explains what she gave up and what she gained when she came out as an atheist

  • The Apostasy Project: Introduction

    Alom Shaha explains why he thinks it is vital to provide support and resources to those who are questioning, or seeking to leave, their religion

  • What’s a 'Cultural Muslim'?

    For years Saif Rahman has been an agnostic and an ex-Muslim activist. So why is he thinking of calling himself a cultural Muslim?

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