Marcus chown

Chown's Cosmos

Modern space telescopes like Hubble and Spitzer offer unprecedented views of our exquisite mind-boggling Universe. In Chown's Cosmos cosmologist Marcus Chown introduces and explains some of his favourite images – from far distant nebulae to the dust devils playing across the surface of our sister planet.

  • The death of the Milky Way

    There may be darkness ahead, but we’re lucky to have been born in a bright universe, says Marcus Chown

  • Why is the Sun hot?

    Our local star is very inefficient, says Marcus Chown. And we should be grateful for that

  • Home sweet home

    No matter how far you roam around the universe, there's no place like home, finds Marcus Chown

  • Bad Moon rising

    Earth’s satellite may have begun life as its parent planet’s stalker, says Marcus Chown

  • Circle in a spiral

    Saturn’s rings stumped the most famous astronomer of them all, but not Marcus Chown

  • Footprints in the dust

    Twelve men have left their footprints on the Moon. How long will they last? Marcus Chown explains

  • Ring of fire

    Visitors flock to the Poles to observe the natural wonder of the aurora. But they witness a mere fraction of what can be seen from space, explains Marcus Chown

  • Alien sunset

    It's dusk, but not as we know it. Marcus Chown explains

  • Our fragile home

    Voyager’s distant photo of Earth should remind us that we’re all in this together, says Marcus Chown

  • Please squeeze me

    Marcus Chown on the hottest body in the Solar System

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