Series: World of Blasphemy

  • The fight against blasphemy laws continues

    The news that 14 people in Pakistan face execution for blasphemy highlights the ongoing use of such laws by illiberal states

  • Malaysia

    Monday's court decision to ban a Catholic magazine from using the word 'Allah' is just the latest development in Malaysia's quest to spare its Muslim citizens from offence.

  • Greece

    As the country struggles to overcome the economic crisis, extremist factions are turning to blasphemy law to assert the supremacy of Greek Orthodox traditions

  • Religion and the battle for free speech

    Blasphemy laws may sound antiquated, but they're an active tool of oppression in many parts of the globe

  • Indonesia

    The government of the world's most populous Muslim country claims that the country is free from religious strife. But is the appearance of harmony at the expense of freedom of belief? Anna Vesterinen reports.

  • Poland

    Despite its constitution guaranteeing free speech, Poland's blasphemy law serves to censor musicians and artists who fall foul of the Catholic establishment, writes Anna Vesterinen

  • Malta

    Free speech and religion don't mix in one of Europe's most religious states, reports Anna Vesterinen

  • Maldives

    The Indian Ocean islands are known as a honeymoon paradise, but beyond the gates of the luxury hotels the dominance of Sharia law prohibits free speech and prescribes brutal punishment for those accused of extra-marital sex. Anna Vesterinen reports

  • Turkey

    Turkey is an anomaly. A state founded by an arch secularist, its population is overwhelmingly Muslim, and the behaviour of the conservative ruling party, as well as the recent conviction of a prominent atheists for "insulting Islam", suggests a country drifting toward religious authoritarianism. Anna Vesterinen reports.

  • Russia

    In Russia, the increasingly close relationship between the state and the Orthodox Church has led to the introduction of a new blasphemy law designed to clamp down on dissidents in the wake of the Pussy Riot scandal. Anna Vesterinen reports

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