1. Bertrand Russell's lofty pacifism - by Jonathan Rée

He spent a lifetime opposing war – but how well does the legacy of our most famous peace activist stand up to scrutiny?

2. Deadly reason - by Jonathan Rée

Did too much rational thinking lead to the Holocaust? The German philosopher Theodor Adorno argued it did.

3. Tim Minchin: "It just happens that I'm right" - by Ariane Sherine

Tim Minchin may be happy making big commercial films and musicals – but he’s also a man with a mission.

4. New Atheism has its enemies in panicky retreat - by Tom Chivers

This is the opening contribution to our debate "Is it time to move on from the New Atheism?", from the Winter 2013 issue of New Humanist. You can read responses from Terri Murray, Alom Shaha and Ariane Sherine.

5. People power - by Kenan Malik

The history of Western art tells a story of how humans came to think of themselves as beings who could shape the world.

6. Ways to go: meeting death without religion- by Sally Feldman

More than any other rite of passage, death separates the devout from the damned. So what can a secular funeral offer?

7. My spirituality as a humanist - by Saif Rahman

Is there any value in spirituality? As a non-believer you might expect me to say no; but the sentimental part in me would like to say yes.

8 What on earth is mindfulness? - by Siobhan Jones

Cheap and easy to deliver, a new mental health treatment is all the rage. But should we be asking tougher questions about its effectiveness?

9. Ten cosmic myths - by Marcus Chown

Why is the sky at night dark? What does gravity do? How big is the universe? Does time go forwards or backwards? The answers may surprise you...

10. What does it mean to be an Arab atheist? - by Samira Shackle

An interview with Brian Whitaker, author of a book about non-belief in the Arab world.