1. The dangerous stereotype of the self-hating homophobe

The assumption that homophobic attackers are themselves secretly gay - widely circulated after the Orlando atrocity - lets straight society off the hook, writes Alex Macpherson.

2. Reforming Pakistan's madrasas

Numbering in the tens of thousands, are Pakistan’s infamous religious schools really beyond reform? Samira Shackle reports.

3. How to give better

Toby Lichtig asks: if you donate money to charity, should your decisions be a matter for the head or the heart?

4. Postcards from the past: what's wrong with "ancient wisdom"?

Writing on “ancient wisdom” now comprises a genre of its own, says Michel Petheram. Is this an uncritical attitude to the thinkers of the past?

5. The cult of celebrity diets

Today’s celebrity food purists are as sanctimonious as the religious in their devotion to dietary codes, writes Sally Feldman.

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