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Faith & Religion
Book cover

What happens when Muslims leave Islam?

A new book brings sensitivity and empathy to an intensely polarised debate.

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Trauma, vegetarianism, and poetry: the best new novels

Lee Rourke on fiction by Catherine Lacey, Han Kang, and Ben Lerner.

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Mind, Body & Life

My father and his amoral philosophy of medicine

Laurie Taylor remembers his father, whose atheism was a much a part of his person as his backbone.

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Faith & Religion

Black magic on Red Square

In Russia, there are more faith healers than professional doctors. It's a symptom of decades of chaos and authoritarian rule.

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Naples women

Taking off the mask: Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan novels

In these compelling books, the Italian writer - whose real identity is hidden - combines the novel with feminist polemic.

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Paul Mason

Who is Eleni Haifa?

How the rise of information technology is transforming the way we think about human character.

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Politics & Conflict
Leaders' debate

It’s election year, but where’s the vision?

The media-Westminster nexus that governs us is old in every way.

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Mind, Body & Life

In a word: economy

Michael Rosen's column on language and its uses.

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Faith & Religion

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