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Science & Technology
Alom Shaha grins at the camera

How to think like a scientist

Alom Shaha talks about his journey from "failed" student to teacher and celebrated author

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Human Rights & Ethics
A portrait of an elderly Chinese woman in her bedroom - a scene from Wang Bing's documentary 'Dead Souls'

China's underground historians fight for the truth

A new book on China gives voice to the intellectuals hitting the state where it hurts: its grip on the nation's memory

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Science & Technology
A man in a cartoon rocket

Book review: Space, The Human Story by Tim Peake

The messy, marvellous story of the people who have been to space - as told by one of them

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Human Rights & Ethics
Ytxaha Pankararu Pataxó wearing long feather earrings and a red T-shirt bearing the words “End the Indigenous genocide”

Brazil's new gold rush

Lithium mining is bringing jobs for some in Brazil – and devastation for others. Is there a better way?

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Science & Technology
A scene from “Arrested Development” (2004).

Zombie forensics

Lie detector tests are unscientific and unjust. What’s behind their growing use by UK police forces?

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Rationalism, Atheism & Humanism
Rethinking science

Beyond the two cultures

Amid a polarised debate, science and art seem further apart than ever. It’s vital to keep talking and bridge the divide

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Rush hour in Bangkok, Thailand. Image: Tomasz Swatowski

Review: Carmageddon

Car ownership is an emotive, and increasingly political, subject. A new book makes the case for decreasing our reliance.

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Still from '3 Body Problem'

Alien civilisations

The Chinese science fiction epic "3 Body Problem" comes to Netflix amid geopolitical rivalry and intrigue

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Drawing of Plesiosaurus and Ichthyosaurus, 1913. Image: Science History Institute

Dinosaur dreams and nightmares

A newly excavated sea monster gets Samira Ahmed thinking about our fascination with dinosaurs and our fear of extinction

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The “茶, चाय, Tea” exhibition is at the Horniman museum, London, until 7 July

How the cuppa changed the world

A new exhibition at London's Horniman Museum shows the central role of tea in bringing pleasure and pain to people around the globe

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Politics & Conflict
Three women dressed in white and covered in fake blood stand in front of a tank as part of a 2023 protest organised by the Feminist Anti-War Resistance in Amsterdam

Meet the Russian feminists opposing Putin's war

A leaderless network known as the Feminist Anti-War Resistance is at the forefront of opposition to the war in Ukraine

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Politics & Conflict
A child in Gaza leaves school following Israeli strikes in 2009

What can moral philosophy tell us about Israel-Palestine?

We talk to philosopher Jonathan Glover about the moral questions at the heart of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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Politics & Conflict
Gaza City on 10 October following bombardment by Israeli forces

Book review: Israelophobia by Jake Wallis Simons 

Is “Israelophobia” a new form of hatred, or are we rehashing the same old debate?

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Politics & Conflict
Judges at the International Court of Justice during the South Africa vs Israel hearing

In a word: Genocide

Michael Rosen's column on language and its uses

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Rural by Rebecca Smith

Book review: Rural

This exploration of working-class life in the British countryside is a welcome corrective to industrial history

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