Dear friends,

It was with cheers and tears of joy that the students of Mustard Seed School greeted the new classroom block we have started to build, when they returned from their holidays on February 5. They were amazed at what we were able to achieve in barely a month, with the financial support of New Humanist readers. Indeed there was some shock when i revealed that the support was given not on religious but on humanist grounds. The students are not used to such non-religious generosity.

Mustard Seed School, Busota, Ugandathe new block funded by RA members

Thanks to your generous donations 15 of our students will receive full bursaries for the next year. When I told the lucky ones there was much joyous jumping around. They are currently writing letters to donors to express their gratitude.

We have come so far, but we are not there yet. There are still four students who do not have a bursary secured for next year. We have been able to build a four classroom block up to the roof, but it still needs to be finished – we need floors, shutters and wiring.

Your generous support has taken us this far – I hope you can help us over the finishing line. We need £284 for four more bursaries and £2940 to make the classroom habitable. We are still in need of books, computers and writing equipment. Your help has inspired us to believe that we can create a wonderful school which can be a beacon for secularism in Uganda. At the end of the year we will hold our humanist jamboree – you are all invited.

With warm best wishes
Moses Kamya
Mustard Seed School