Sanderson Jones Sunday Assembly

We hear from the good people behind the Sunday Assembly, AKA the 'Atheist Church' (are we all familiar enough with it to drop that AKA thing now?), that events on the committee of St Paul's Steiner School in Hackney have led to the Assembly's exclusion from its original home in a deconsecrated church on the site of the school.

You can read more about that on the Assembly's site, but the main reason for this post is to pass on some important (and good) news – while the Sunday Assembly may have temporarily lost its home, it is not without a roof over its head, for the historic home of British humanism, Conway Hall in Holborn, has stepped in to provide a venue for the next Assembly on Sunday 5 May.

So if you were planning on heading to Hackney on 5 May, get yourself down to Conway Hall instead. Here are the details of what's in store:

"The theme of the service is ‘Play’ and will feature both guest speakers, Marie Foulton and Rob Davis, in one action packed double bill.

Marie Foulton runs the Wild Rumpus, an indie games night that turns video games into physical activities and encourages adults to rough-house. Her talk will is on the need for adults to keep playing. Rob Davis (chief game designer and CEO of Playniac – a company that make ‘thinky games’) will teach us about game design through his mass participation game ‘Cat On Yer Head’

The special bank holiday service will also include a round of ‘Danish Clapping’ – the most fun two hands can have in a family friendly environment – and will finish with a potluck picnic and games aplenty for a super day of fun."