Hope still for 'dead' Comet Ison

Comet Ison, or some part of it, may have survived its encounter with the Sun, say scientists. The giant ball of ice and dust was initially declared dead when it failed to re-emerge from behind the star with the expected brightness. (BBC)

Silvio Berlusconi vows to stay in politics

Berlusconi's critics toast former PM's ignominious exit from senate, after Italian parliament expels the 77-year-old after conviction for tax fraud at his Mediaset empire. But the tycoon vows to stay in politics. (Guardian)

Syria child refugees suffering schooling loss, UN warns

School-age children living as refugees outside Syria are increasingly cut off from education and forced to work long hours for low pay, a UN report says. As many as 300,000 living in Lebanon and Jordan could be without schooling by the end of 2013, the UNHCR says. (BBC)

Draft Egypt constitution strengthens army as talks drag on

Egypt's new constitution would strengthen the army's hand and could ban Islamist parties outright, according to a draft published in state media on Thursday, though the drafting body missed a self-imposed deadline for finalizing the text. (Reuters)

Anglican church should lift ban on blessings for gay couples, report says

Pilling report's 18 recommendations on sexuality, including opening the debate on celibacy, condemned as 'deceitful doublespeak' by campaign group Christian Concern. (Guardian)