1. Is there a choice?

Philosophers and scientists have long agonised over the question of free will. Two new books, by Julian Baggini and John Gray, offer some very different answers.

2. What would you see on a journey to the centre of the Earth?

David Whitehouse takes us on a journey where crystals as big as cities and a sea of liquid metal are just some of the wonders you would see.

3. Bengalis abroad: the fiction of Amit Chaudhuri

Fatema Ahmed, our lead fiction reviewer, argues that these semi-autobiographical novels make a case for another vision of literature and the world.

4. Is there a future for humanitarian intervention?

The principle has been greatly tarnished in recent years, writes David Wearing. In an unstable world, does it have a future?

5. Why Game of Thrones is more than fantasy

Game of Thrones is not just great television. It speaks to the social and political struggles of our times.

May's top long-reads.

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