1. The myth of human nature

In the cover story from our Spring 2016 issue, Tim Lewens argues that appeals to human nature won’t help us make complex ethical decisions about new technologies like genome editing.

2. Gloria Steinem and the road to liberation

This American feminist inspired a generation of women, writes Sally Feldman. What can her life tell us about today’s struggles for equality?

3. The cult of nature writing

A resurgence in nature writing offers secular transcendence, says Richard Smyth. But are we being led up the garden path?

4. What the Renaissance did for us

The meaning of the word “humanism” has been argued over for years. Martin Spence urges us to take inspiration from its rich and varied traditions.

5. Black hole blues

For a century, scientists have tried to solve the riddles posed by Einstein’s theory of relativity. Marcus Chown explores.

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