1. Beyond the cringe

In this preview from our Summer issue, Mark Fisher explores the rise of humour drawn from awkwardness and embarrassment, which reaches a new zenith with two American programmes.

2. The fundamentalist Christian preacher who became an atheist

After 19 years as a self-proclaimed "extremist", Dan Barker renounced his faith – and he wants everyone to know about it. In our latest issue, he speaks to Ralph Jones.

3. Can you teach me how to forgive myself?

In this archive piece from 2013, David Belden reports on the restorative justice programmes of California.

4. Whatever happened to the Loch Ness monster?

Today, 80 years after Nessie was first “sighted”, the band of believers in this mythical creature is dwindling, writes Ronald Binns.

5. What I owe the library

We can't do without our private places to read and think, says novelist Philip Pullman, in this archive piece from 2011.

April's top long-reads

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