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Highlights include:

Cover story – Danger in the deep: Mark Lorch on what fossil fuels are doing to our oceans.

Damage to coral and shells is just the most obvious manifestation of ocean acidification. The changing ocean chemistry has many more subtle but no less disturbing implication. The very taste of the sea may also be changing.


  • Preeti Jha reports from India on the dangerous rise of Hindu nationalism
  • Matthew Green speaks to the theatre director using Greek tragedy to help communities heal trauma and loss
  • How soon is too soon to laugh about apartheid? Caroline Crampton on comedy in South Africa
  • Keith Kahn-Harris reviews Dave Rich’s new book on anti-Semitism and the left
  • Novelist Oliver Harris delves into London’s secret network of underground tunnels, finding a secret history of a war that never was
  • Will we ever be able to freeze the brain and revive it? Probably not, says neuroscientist Clive Coen
  • Peter Salmon on why rationalists should learn to love Derrida
  • What’s behind the trend for “modesty” in fashion? Angela Saini investigates
  • Mark Fisher on the android dystopia of Westworld
  • Why I quit my job as a Catholic priest: Richard Barton's memoir of his struggle with faith, conscience and the Church
  • Yo Zushi on Bob Dylan’s Nobel prize win
  • Peter Adamson on what we can learn from philosophy in the islamic world
  • Marcus Chown on the search for a new planet
  • New poems; columns from Michael Rosen and Laurie Taylor; cartoon by Grizelda; book reviews; cryptic crossword and Chris Maslanka's quiz