For three years Laurie Taylor wrote the page seven diary for New Humanist. In 2007 we renamed his column 'Endgame' and stuck it at the back of the magazine, in the hope that this would prevent any impressionable young kiddies finding it and being led astray.

During that period Laurie has fearlessly recorded his godless adventures as a flaneur, giving stultifying speeches to conventions of concrete salesman, giving up smoking, suffering superstitious fools, getting his ears syringed, toenails clipped and brain flossed, giving up smoking, wassailing, playing with kids, making New Years Resolutions (like giving up smoking), running, doing stand-up, getting stoned and giving up smoking.

You can find a complete list of Laurie's writing for New Humanist here.

Now sit back, relax and watch his life crumple... I mean unfold, in living technicolour (once we went colour in the magazine sometime in 2007). Click the first image to begin.