Bogglesworth wants to test-fly the new Fig-15 jet by taking it once around the equator without landing. With fuel economy in mind his financial adviser comes up with a cunning plan. Algy is to take off from the same airfield at the same time as Boggles in an identical plane and refuel Boggles’s plane in flight leaving himself just enough fuel to get back to base. He is to tank up again, have lunch and take off again at precisely the right time to meet Boggles on his way back, thereby giving Bogglesworth’s plane a second crucial refuelling. Both planes get back to base just as their tanks run dry. Well, they adopt the plan and it works like clockwork. If the round trip takes Boggles 24 hours, and Algy lands after his first sortie at noon, what time did they take off? What time must Algy set off again for his second meeting with Boggles? (It’s a puzzle, so assume both planes have the same constant speed and there is no wind.)

Each issue, we award a prize to three lucky winners - this issue’s winners will receive copies of Claire Tomalin's Charles Dickens: A Life (Viking). Note: entry for this quiz is now closed.

Solution to November/December quiz, "Do bears sit in the woods?"

Baby Bear passed all three exams (Political Theory, Sociology and Economics), Daddy Bear passed only Sociology, and Mummy Bear failed only Political Theory.