Isy SuttieDescribe your religious background

I was brought up in the Church of England and really loved Sunday School for the social side. My mum forgot to have me baptised because she was so stressed with a new baby but when I was a teenager I was baptised with a load of babies and then confirmed in the same day.

Where do you stand on the whole God thing now?
I am an agnostic and I am fascinated by different religions and their customs. I also love the splendour and celebration that can come with some religions.

You are from the Peak District via Hull. The Peak district is very beautiful. Hull not so much. Discuss.
I was born in Hull and left when I was two, so I don’t remember anything of it, but I’ve been back there to perform a few times, at the university, at Hull Truck and Fruit. I went to that Chinese that John Prescott goes to on a sort of dual carriageway. I am very proud to have been born in Hull – we had only moved there because of my Dad’s job and didn’t have any other connections but whenever I go back and chat to people I’ve found them to be incredibly friendly, also Hull Truck is an amazing theatre. Of course Matlock, “the gateway to the Peak District”, is very different. I very much appreciate its hills and dales now – I think I sometimes took them a bit for granted when I lived there. Matlock being a tourist destination meant that me and my mates could walk round the park selling shit “cakes” (digestives with icing and sugar on top) and directions to Riber Castle. Matlock is such a big influence in all my writing and I feel very lucky to call it home.

How do you get into performing?
You just have to do it. Write as much as you can, to the detriment of your social life, and perform as much as you can, anywhere, especially at the beginning. Don’t expect to make any money for ages.

The comedy song: an underappreciated and timeless form of entertainment or an oxymoron?
I suppose the term has become synonymous with parodies or three-chord songs with one joke, which don’t really interest me. There are so many different types of comedic songs (that sounds more classy somehow!) that I would say it’s both of those things, and neither.

Dobby must be everyone’s favourite TV nerd – are nerds in the ascendancy?
I don’t know much about science but I know those nerd stage shows are really on the rise and that’s great. I think nerds and geeks are quite trendy at the moment but the public mustn’t forget them when they fall out of fashion. They’ll still need somewhere to press their F5 buttons and sing about the Large Hadron Collider.

Tell us about your latest TV role
I am playing a stressed mum called Esther in the new series of Shameless. She’s also very sweet and adventurous and says what she thinks. It was really different for me working on a long-running drama and one that’s so steeped in history. And playing a mum made me feel more childlike than ever before.

Religion: a) silly b) admirable but wrong c) fine for some but not for me d) the root of our culture and morality.
C – I respect different beliefs and enjoy discussing religion but I feel sad and bored when people’s beliefs make them try and convince me they’re right. It’s much more exciting to enjoy why they believe it and for it to be more of a philosophical discussion.

Wild love illustration

Look at this picture. Which is your favourite – Hedgehog, Badger or Toad?
The toad is my favourite as he looks like he’s really worked hard to get into the heart shape, bringing his left claw around, whereas the badger is more sort of walking slightly to her left a bit nonchalantly. The hedgehog is ready for business but the toad’s my favourite.

Is there anything you would like to ask us?
Should I have an omelette or a Kiev for dinner?