Scientists to issue firm warning on climate change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, comprising scientific experts and political officials from as many as 195 UN states, will this week present a summary of its latest report, which will be published in full next year. It is expected that the panel, which is meeting throughout the week in Stockholm, will issue its firmest warning yet on the link between human activity and global warning, and the risk posed by continuing international failure to agree on measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (Reuters)

Angela Merkel leads Christian Democrats to election victory

The German Chancellor secures a historic third-term victory and is set to overtake Margaret Thatcher as Europe's longest-serving female leader. (Guardian)

Hostage situation continues at Nairobi shopping mall

Gunfire and explosions are heard at the shopping centre, where militants are believed to still hold hostages. 69 people have been killed and over 170 injured since the attack began on Saturday. The Somali al-Shabab movement has announced it is behind the attack. (BBC)

Spacecraft army gears up to watch rare sun-diving comet

Comet ISON begins its dive toward the sun this week offering a rare opportunity to glimpse a four-billion-year-old sample of the primordial solar system. (New Scientist)

Row over Richard III tomb design

The Richard III Society, which backed the successful search for the remains of the last Yorkist king, has withdrawn its funding for the monarch’s tomb in Leicester Cathedral after members objected to the proposed design. The Society’s secretary Philippa Langley said the limestone tomb, which would be etched with a deep cross and would sit on top a large Yorkist rose, is unfit for "medieval warrior king". (BBC)