Discovery "could hold key to Alzheimer's treatment"

Scientists at the University of Leicester have discovered a chemical that prevents the death of brain tissue, which they are claiming is a historic moment in medical research. (BBC)

Gay rights row over Christian B&B "a clash of world views"

Two guesthouse owners who were found to have discriminated against a gay couple have taken their case to the UK supreme court. (Telegraph)

"Catholic" confession is good for the soul - says Archbishop of Canterbury

Justin Welby, leader of the Anglican Church, has called on his followers to take up the practice of going to confession. (Telegraph)

Gravity "celebrates presence of God", say Christian reviewers

Alfonso Cuaron's 3D film about space has won praise from Christian reviewers in the United States, who say it has a religious meaning. (Guardian)

Libyan prime minister seized by armed men

Ali Zeidan, the prime minister of Libya, has been kidnapped by an armed militia, "for unknown reasons", according to a government statement. (BBC)