1. A deadly battle of ideas: murder in Bangladesh

The vicious murders of four atheist bloggers in Bangladesh are only the latest acts of violence against unbelievers in the country, writes Samira Shackle in the cover feature from our Autumn issue.

2. Laurie Taylor's interviews: The value of doubt

In this interview from 2009, historian Lisa Jardine, who passed away this month, discusses the myth of scientific genius.

3. Could body modification be a pathway to liberation?

Control of the self should not be underestimated as a form of power, says Ray Filar, in this essay on body modification, gender, and cyborgs.

4. How should we read religious texts?

Britain’s former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks advocates a more complex reading. But, Keith Kahn-Harris asks, do his ideas fit with the modern world?

5. Ukraine's generation without protection

Agata Pyzik meets the talented young director Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy is charting Ukraine’s turbulent recent history.

September's top long-reads.

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