1. The brink of Armageddon

Oliver Harris explores London’s secret network of underground tunnels, which provide a physical history of the nuclear war that never was.

2. Leaving the priesthood: a personal story

After 20 years as a Catholic priest, Richard Barton is struggling to understand why it took him so long to leave the church.

3. Trouble at sea: what fossil fuels are doing to our oceans

We know what carbon dioxide is doing to our atmosphere – but could it have an equally devastating effect on our oceans?In the cover story from our Winter issue, Mark Lorch explains.

4. Can ancient Greek tragedy help to heal trauma?

An American director is using theatre to help people from different walks of life confront trauma and loss. Matthew Green reports.

5. Sympathy for the androids: the twisted morality of Westworld

In his final piece for us, Mark Fisher analyses a new adaptation of Michael Crichton’s “Westworld”, which invites the audience to sympathise with its android characters.

Our top long-reads of 2016

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