1. What Silvio Berlusconi tells us about "post-truth" politics

Donald Trump’s populism has a striking precedent. Giovanni Tiso looks at what we can learn from the Berlusconi era.

2. The Rojava experiment

Behind the frontlines in Syria, a self-governing Kurdish region is making a radical attempt at gender equality. Rahila Gupta reports from Rojava.

3. Why physics isn't dead

Relativity and quantum theory help us make sense of the universe – but, Marcus Chown writes, physics still has huge mysteries left to unravel.

4. How to give better

Toby Lichtig asks: if you donate money to charity, should your decisions be a matter for the head or the heart?

5. Will progress kill humanism?

Yuval Noah Harari’s new book explores the idea that scientific knowledge might one day undermine democratic values, writes Rory Fenton.

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