1. Preaching to the converted

In this essay from our Autumn issue, avowed atheist Julian Baggini reflects on giving a sermon to an Anglican church – and the possibility for common ground.

2. Is empathy the hidden motor of human history?

Often depicted as a feel-good emotion and “soft” skill, empathy can be a powerful secular force for social and political transformation, writes Roman Krznaric.

3. Against humanism

Of course we should love, honour and cherish our species, says Mary Midgley in this archive piece from 2010. But should we have to worship it too?

4. Where next for capitalism?

Is the rise of technology strengthening capitalism or tearing it down? In our Winter issue, Dawn Foster looks at new books by Matt Ridley and Paul Mason.

5. Suits you, Madam

In this archive piece, originally published in 2003, Sally Feldman unbuttons the classic male costume.

October's top long-reads.

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