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  • Meet the Indian widows fighting back

    Women suffer greatly under the widowhood rituals practiced in some parts of India. Netradipa Patil has helped to build a network of women who are fighting back

  • Q&A: Victoria Amelina

    ‘‘It’s very painful to lose people in war, but losing culture and history is a tragedy too"

  • Book review: Best of Friends

    Kamila Shamsie’s exposure of the UK’s immigration system is acute and damning.

  • Women, life, freedom

    The forced hijab, long a symbol of repression, has now become a renewed focus of the struggle for the emancipation of women and for the rights and freedom of all people in Iran.

  • Flying spaghetti monsters

    Are Pastafarians undogmatic believers, or unbelievers who will go to extreme lengths to protest against religious exceptionalism?

  • Book review: Outrageous

    Paul Baker’s "Outrageous" tells the story of the battle against Section 28, which demanded an end to the "promotion" of homosexuality.

  • Persecuting pregnancy

    Forcing people to bear unwanted pregnancies and criminalising abortion creates a hostile, insecure and unsafe world for girls, women and birthing people.

  • India's new Emergency

    Mohammed Zubair claimed in court that he had been arrested because he was a Muslim, and a fact-checker.

  • Will Russian war criminals be brought to justice?

    Will Russian President Vladimir Putin ever be brought before The Hague for the alleged war crimes perpetrated in Ukraine?

  • The duty of those who are free

    Reading "You Have Not Yet Been Defeated", Nadine El-Enany gains a new understanding of guilt, fear, and the need to speak.

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